Sunday, April 3, 2011

Valentino Rossi tested the 2011 Ducati MotoGP Motorbike

Well. i thing everybody want to see the Italian rider with New Ducati bike.. Okay.. here is some picture about Valentino Rossi with 2011 Ducati MotoGP motorbike. Truly, it's not the real bike for 2011 Ducati MotoGp Bike, but it's for tes only, you can see that the bike was not with FIAT logo, but just only black color and of course with 46 logo it's mean Valentino Rossi.. that's right? so check this out..

Valentino Rossi with Ducati
I found the unique "VR 46" on the Rossi leather, it's mean Valentino Rossi 46.

Valentino Rossi Ducati
I can't see the FIAT logo on the Ducati lol..

Valentino Rossi with Ducati 2011
I can't wait the next 2011 MotoGp tournament.. Rossi Ducati will be the beast in the circuit..

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