Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Days Left to Bid on Actual Tron Lightcycle

You’ve got two days left, folks, to bid on one of five custom-built lightcycles from Parker Brothers Motorcycles on eBay. In case you’re not familiar with a lightcycle, it’s one of the motorcycles used in the movie Tron. We’re not talking about props here, either…we’re talking about actual, working, to-spec, street legal motorcycles that look exactly like the ones in the upcoming movie Tron.

tron lightcycle

There are five of them in the works, each in a different color: one the pictured blue above, but also available in red, yellow, green and orange. The wheels are custom made, dual hubless, with custom tires, and should you be planning a long trip on this sucker you can buy additional tires from Parker Brothers as needed. The frame is a mix of cold-rolled steel, carbon fiber and fiberglass, while the colors are generated via neon tubes behind frosted plexiglass and can be turned off and on as desired.

They’re currently selling for a whopping $35000 each, but with that comes a free Tron helmet, as well as the opportunity to watch your new bike being built on YouTube. Value? Not hardly. Cool? Absolutely.

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