Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The top 100 motorcycle blogs lists first interview

I recently made it on a Top 100 motorcycle blogs list, which I am humbly honored to be on, and want to thank Cristian Dorobantescu, a part time entrepreneur living in Bucharest, Romania, for doing this.

I was also honored to be the first interviewed blogger, and posted on his site.

Below is a sample of the post, including links to the author Cristian Dorobantescu's site, my interview, and Cristian's top 100 list:

Honda Motorcyles blog
Honda History, models, parts and…stories
Interview with Mr. Motorcycle
Posted on May 5th, 2008 by admin
While doing the Top 100 Motorcycle blogs a couple of weeks ago, I discovered some interesting blogs about riding a motorcycle, the biker’s lifestyle and their passions. I’ve bookmarked some of them and subscribed to their RSS feeds so I can get updates automatically (by the way, you can get updates automatically by email from the Honda Motorcycles blog as well, by clicking on orange subscribe button on the right panel), then I realized I would love to know more on the riders. That’s how I came with the idea to do a series of interviews with the motorcycle bloggers in the top 100.
First on the list is Mr. Motorcycle, a Harley rider from Minnesota. Amongst others, he is a motorcycle custom painter, father of 2 (he says 5, 2 children, 2 cats and a custom Harley) and blogger. Here is what I found out: (Click link to read more) Interview with Mr. Motorcycle

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