Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new biker word to add to the dictionary

At a Motorcycle repair shop I frequent, there is a funny word that they use to describe making a bike look cooler than it already is, or is not.
The first time I heard it was when I had a stock Harley, and was in there looking at options to make it Bad Ass.
We talked about all of the things that could be done, and the list started, and the financial drain started as well.
So my New Webster's Dictionary word addition suggestion is:
Pronunciation: kool . if . eye
Function: adjective
Etymology: English slang biker giberish
Date: sometime after the start of the19th century
1: cool, or kool : To be lacking the stock motorcycle look:
2:To coolify, usually marks the start of ones financial drain , and loss of self-control.
A cool and calculating bike builder should be the administrator of "coolifying" ones motorcycle.
Special thanks to Wizard and Stormy for using this wicked word, and making it part of my vocabulary.
Special thanks to Stormy Custom Bike Works for helping me "coolify" my Harley.

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