Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Honda CBR125R

2011 Honda CBR125R
You've heard the buzz about the CBR125R: it's the fun and friendly Honda that has given so many Canadian riders their first taste of motorcycling excitement – and has given some long-time riders a new reason to smile, too. Well, the buzz has just become a whole lot louder, because a more advanced CBR125R is here for 2011 with a new look and even better performance. Check out the stylish new bodywork, which gives the CBR125R a bigger-bike look and also enhances weather protection and overall ride comfort, and the wider wheels and tires that improve the CBR125R's excellent traction. What we haven't changed is the nimble, confidence-inspiring handling from the lightweight chassis, the low-effort controls, the comfortable seat height, and the responsive, hard-to-stall engine with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. Easy to own, easy to operate. The Honda CBR125R sure is an easy bike to like.
Crisp response, thrilling performance
The 125cc sportsbike class is where riding careers begin. It’s a machine that gives young riders the opportunity to develop their skills as early as possible. That’s why it’s a motorcycle with a huge responsibility.
It must be just as rewarding to ride as bigger Supersports machines, particularly around town and other places where power is less important. Young riders build confidence on two wheels with bikes such as a 125cc. And let’s face it, it’s easier to learn something when it’s made to be fun.
Since its introduction in 2004, the CBR125R has represented the ideal first sportsbike. Compact, lightweight, refined, easy to use and with welcoming handling that the CBR family is renowned for. It’s a firm favourite with young riders the world over.

For 2011, the all new CBR125R is ready to prove itself as the perfect first sportsbike for a new generation of riders.
Designed to develop the sports riding skills from the earliest days of your career
Superbikes are the ultimate road motorcycles. They offer a thrill no other bike can match. That’s why we designed the 2011 CBR125R. A small-capacity bike with big ambition.
The brief to our design team was simple. Create a 125cc sportsbike with the look and feel of a bigger, more expensive machine. The new model had to retain the current CBR125R’s user-friendly handling characteristics and free-revving single cylinder engine, but packaged inside all-new sophisticated, lightweight and stylish bodywork.
Modern riders expect full-size proportions, so that meant more aggressive wheel and tyre specs too. We also added the latest advances in fuel injection and catalyser technology to make the CBR125R more efficient than its predecessor.
If you want your riding career to start with a motorcycle built as a superbike from the ground up, look no further than the 2011 CBR125R.

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