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Honda CBR250r

Overview of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
Honda has unvieled the all new 2011 Honda CBR250R and it is expected to be launched in India in April 2011. According to sources it is going to be manufactured in India and Thailand. Thanks to localisation of parts, the expected price of Honda CBR250R is around Rs. 1.50 lakhs for non ABS version and around Rs. 1.70 lakhs for the ABS variant. Honda CBR250R will be first bike in 250cc segment to features combined anti-lock braking system which prevents wheel lock during sudden braking or under unfavorable conditions.
Update: Bookings of Honda CBR250R Open
Honda is going to launch the CBR250R in April and in order to be the first to get your hands on this machine, you have to book before the launch. The Honda CBR250R has been priced at Rs. 150000 and CBR250R with Combined ABS will cost Rs. 170000. The booking price for the both the models were decided Rs. 15000 and Rs. 18000 respectively. Now the company has announced the new booking price i.e. Rs. 5000. Now the buyer can book Honda CBR 250R ABS and Honda CBR 250R non-ABS with booking price of Rs. 5000, each.
Concept of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
What was on the minds of Honda designers during the development of new CBR? It was to realize an attractive quarter model that can meet the demands of the times to come and provide customers all over the world with joy and at an affordable price. What we aimed at was the 'Sport Quarter for One World, CBR250R.'
Their passion was embodied in various aspects of this motorcycle such as its displacement, frame size, driving stability, and riding position. These features were optimized for riders of all kinds, from beginners to experienced riders, so that they can feel the fun of maneuvering, which is fundamental to motorcycle riding.
A sporty feel that riders get the moment they mount and ride the motorcycle is pursued without sacrificing ease of use, in search of the optimum balance between the two. Nimble acceleration that can be felt the moment the throttle is opened, a feel of smooth rev-up in the high-speed range, linear vibration characteristics that do not discomfort riders, and a variety of equipment features such as a rear grip that provides a sense of comfort when riding in tandem-with this list of features, we are confident that customers will be satisfied without exception.
Fast Facts About 2011 New Honda CBR250R
- Liquid cooled 4-stroke Dual Overhead Camshaft 90° V-twin gasoline 249cc engine.
- PGMFi (fuel injection) takes help from 6 sensors placed in and around the engine to control ignition timing and fuel injection.
- Maximum Power of 26 Bhp and Maximum Torque of 23 Nm
- 296mm Front disc and 220mm Rear disc
- Combined Brake System (CBS, a front- and rear-wheel interlocking braking system) and an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS, a braking system that prevents wheel lock during sudden braking or under unfavorable conditions)

Design and Styling of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
The styling design expresses an originality that only Honda is capable of and which can be appreciated globally. It incorporates distinctive features everywhere that customers around the world will recognize at once as the features of a Honda sport bike. Building on a dynamic and sporty form based on the "mass centralization form," the cutting-edge design concept for Honda's full-cowl sport bikes from the VFR1200F and CBR1000RR on down, a simple and clean advanced styling was refined further from the functional viewpoint, producing a distinctive presence. The model also realized the all-around ease of use of the 250cc class, including a comfortable riding position and excellent handling performance.
A distinctive Y-shaped headlight brings to life a front face befitting Honda's new-generation sport bike by combining the headlight unit with separate, left/right position lights featuring a wide spread, ensuring high visibility from other motorists. In addition, the left/right side air outlets provided on the upper cowl boost the turning ability of the vehicle body while directing a proper amount of the wind from riding toward the rider.
The middle cowl expresses a simple yet beautiful surface design and brings an aerodynamic feel, while taking on a high-efficiency air management function that aims to achieve both high cooling performance and low Cd value. The under cowl structure leads the wind from riding directly to the engine and the catalyzer in order to boost cooling performance. Its design makes it look integrated with the engine and muffler to highlight the functional beauty of the lower portion of the vehicle body.
A special silencer with an irregular pentagonal section was chosen for the muffler design in order to reflect the cutting-edge design of Honda motorcycles. The banking angle and the comfort surrounding the rider's feet together with engine and muffling performance are all reconciled at a high level. Made of stainless steel and coated in black, the muffler adds a protector coated in matte silver as one more feature to accentuate the side view.
Instrument Cluster of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
The instrument cluster of New Honda CBR250R includes includes an analog tachometer placed at the center of instrument panel, whose needle sweeps up to full scale as the ignition is turned on. As the needle dials back down, the speed displayed on the LCD also counts down, making it possible to check if there is anything wrong with each meter.
In this way, sporty and functional features are provided together. In addition, the LCD area and indicators boast a wealth of information and are dynamically designed and coated in silver. Together with a brilliant blue LCD backlight, the display livens up a functional yet modern and futuristic look. In this way, the meters are designed to stimulate the rider's sports-oriented spirit by producing an effect that is fitting to the cockpit of a sport bike while accurately providing the rider with the information to be checked.
Driving Comfort of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
To enable a rider to experience the exhilarating feeling of riding into a pleasant wind, which only a sport bike can provide, an abundance of convenience is provided by creating a highly flexible riding position and riding space. At the same time, the design capitalizes on the slim and compact single-cylinder engine to minimize the front projection. In addition, a separated seat that enables the rider to enjoy a wide variety of situations from touring to sports riding and easy-to-grasp separate left/right rear grips that provide the passenger a sense of comfort come as standard equipment.
Engine of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
- 249cc Liquid Cooled Single Cylinder
- 26 Bhp of Maximum power at 8500 rpm
- 23 Nm of Maximum Torque at 7000 rpm

The engine of 2011 New Honda CBR250R is designed to be very economical in comparison to others in this segment. The bike features a single cylinder liquid cooled 4-stroke engine which generates maximum power of 26 bhp at 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 23 nm at 7000rpm. The CBR250R engine was developed by aiming at a global single-cylinder engine that transcends regions, while being sporty and eco-friendly at the same time, with a look ahead at the next generation.
What should a next-generation liquid-cooled 250cc single-cylinder engine that is also ecofriendly be like? What should the output characteristics of a 250cc single-cylinder sport bike be when the comfort and the ease of handling that can satisfy customers all over the world are taken into account? How can an engine that is light and compact and yet has a high-quality feel be able to support the ride as the rider wants it?
With these questions in mind and aiming at the output characteristics that would realize a light and sporty maneuverability in the complete vehicle while retaining the advantages of fuel economy and ease of handling of conventional single-cylinder engines, Honda has developed a new 250cc single-cylinder engine that is light and compact and runs smoothly not just at low rpm but also in the high rpm range.
Expected Launch Date of 2011 New Honda CBR250R
It is expected that Honda India is going to launch the 2011 New CBR250R in April, 2011.

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