Monday, April 12, 2010

Reflective Motorcycle Vests Now Available

Ask any motorcyclist, and they'll tell you their biggest safety concern is OTHER DRIVERS - being being cut off, run over, etc. It's a constant, serious threat.

However, there are some things you can do as a motorcycle rider to help reduce the number of surprises you face and help you avoid getting blindsided by someone else's last-minute (and perhaps terribly bad) decision.

At Leader, we're very interested in this issue, because we ride with our young son (and, soon, our daughter). We also ride in dusk and dark conditions on semi-rural county roads (which I just did last night).

So our first step - and recommendation to you - is to get a really good reflective vest. We've tried a few and we've found what we think are the BEST ones around. As usual, we tested them ourselves BEFORE we offered them to you, our customers!

The Reflexite® strips on these motorcycle vests allow the highest amount of light to reflect back. Because they have reflective material on BOTH the front and back, you're much more "covered."

And - just as important to us bikers - they look great. No gawdy, flappy orange construction look here! The black mesh is not only attractive and blends with motorcycle leathers, but it's the highest-quality mesh you can get.

These vests are available in two styles and in eight different color configurations. We haven't seen any vests like this - ever!

And, in keeping with our company policy, these vests are MADE IN AMERICA, yes, manufactured in the USA! Check them out here!

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