Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything Zen

Everything Zen is a song by Bush. It is the first thing I thought of the other day March 21st while riding my motorcycle with the tunes cranking from my I-Pod.

You see I now realize for the first time in over 20 years of riding motorcycles that I've been missing out. I know that lots of bikers with fairings and radios have already experienced riding while rockin, but sad to say last sunday was my first experience.

I have to wonder why I waited so long. It was like a DUH moment. I thought WTF. This is awesome! It made riding a completely different kind of experience.

Not only did the ear buds crank out the tunes, but they also acted as ear plugs to cut out the wind from going into my ears. I got those Skull Candy ones that have the soft rubbers that go in your ear. They were cheap. Like only 16 bucks! They also came with three total different sized ear pieces to choose from so you get the right fit and comfort.

I turned the music up loud enough to hear it over the rumble of the motor, but quite enough to hear if there was an emergency vehicle, or police officer behind me.

So this brought me to wonder how many other people out there ride with headphones on?

I know that it is technically illegal, but......

Moral of the story...
Everything Zen

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