Tuesday, January 19, 2010

passing time

I seem to have mellowed a bit more with each passing year. Maybe I'm getting older, and a bit wiser. Life sure seems better viewing it as an optimist, rather than living life through the eyes of a pessimist. With the arrival of winter each year, I realize I have to put the bike away for the season, but this only brings up a new season of thrills and beauty to come. I have come to accept that to live in Minnesota you have to learn to Love ALL 4 seasons. If you don't 3-4 months out of the year, you could potentially find yourself pretty miserable. Winter is just a thing we have to deal with. I've learned the more I go at it with this kind of attitude, the less the snow and cold seems to bother me. I love to ice fish. I love and appreciate the beauty of winter landscapes. I love snow on Christmas, and I like to snowmobile and downhill ski once in a while.

I don't ski wussy hills like the one pictured below, but had to take a picture of the run's sign while I was on my way to the double black diamond runs.

How could you pass up a name like Harley's Hollow?

Keep smiling. Spring isn't too far away.

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