Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Luxurious themed bike unit of Advance Vehicle luxury vehicles with Asesories supported by the exotic and the paintjob

Traditional touch of Indonesia is also not left, shown with printing broklat themed color kebaya Indonesia serata mas nitabene and copper were found from Indonesian traditional equipment.

Selection Kakai-foot by using three pieces rim reinforcing Monoblok LUV scent itself especially coupled with the finishing of chrome coating.

The paraphernalia of the bolts and components supporting Detailing using 17k gold coating to strengthen Luxuriousnya theme.

The advantages of this motor is to use a water suspension ... so that the height of the motor can be set independently either front maupunbelakang
water suspension using a technology which peneumatic high / low. empuknya hard suspension is governed by wind pressure, unlike the generally sockbreaker using a.
Suspension of work this way is the wind generated by the compressor is stored in the storage tube, and then channeled into the suspension by using an electronic valve or commonly called a solenoid. Solenoid valve is useful as a filler to remove the wind and the wind from the suspension.

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