Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ultra-Tech Voted "The Most Misunderstood Motorcycle Accessory"

OK, so it was a somewhat small judging group (us!), but after a summer of trying to explain how the Ultra-Tech can be used, we decided it was worthy of this title.

The Ultra-Tech plate is not for everyone. But it IS great for more difficult mounting locations or products that require a little space (like when it's necessary to mount "up" or "out" a bit).

When used with the eCaddy Deluxe, you can mount at not just six angles - but TWELVE angles! (Combine it with the UltraTilt, and there's literally NO limit to where and how you can mount!)

And since a picture is worth 1000 words and a VIDEO is worth 10,000 ... yes, we have a demo video!

To help you understand the many ways that the Ultra-Tech can help you mount GPS, satellite radio, iPod/iPhone, and even radar detectors, view the video (Windows Media file) or Click here for details.

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