Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 1 review

To begin season two, let's recap where we left off on season one. We left off with Clay and Tig arranging Opie's death by drive by shooting. They set it up to make it look as though it was a gang shooting by the Niners. Tig was to be the masked drive by shooter. Their reasoning was that they thought Opie was a narc and was being paid off by the Feds. Ultimately, Tig Fucked up, and shot Donna by mistake, because she took Opie's truck. Jax V.P. of SAMCRO and (Son of John Teller, Founder of SAMCRO) and Piney (Opie's father, and SAMCRO Co-Founder with John Teller) discover after confrontation with the Niners that they had nothing to do with (Opie's wife) Donna's shooting. This is where we left off on season one.

Season two starts off with a new gun running deal being made with the Irish, until the heat from the Feds. wears off. At the end of the gun running deal making, Tig and Clay secretly have a discussion about the fact that Piney and Jax know that the Niners had nothing to do with the shooting of Donna, and that Opie will want revenge on the shooter.

The rest of the show skips around a bit, so I will recap (not necessarily in the exact order of things as they occurred).

Bobby is released from Prison. The case against him for a murder was dropped as the Feds. could no longer hold him. The witness "went missing".

Piney and Jax have talks about making things right again because as Piney says, Clay killed his daughter, and was trying to kill his son. Jax tells Piney that making things right is gonna take some time. Right now it's all about protecting Opie.

The Club has an official club meeting to talk about getting revenge on Donna's killer. Opie says he heard it was the Niners. Tig and the rest of the club say it wasn't. Opie kind of buys it. They blame a Myan (rival M.C.) for the killing, and talks start about seeking out revenge. After the club meeting during a party that they are having for the return of Bobby, their is a private discussion between Clay and Jax regarding the Myan that they are planning on using as a scape goat for Donna's death. Jax says to Clay, "Who ever you put this murder on... Just be sure they deserve to die, 'Cause the guy who killed Donna is out there sharing a beer with her husband."
Clay replies, "You better be real careful how you navigate around this one."
Jax replies, "Or what, You gonna put a bullet in the back of my head too?"
(Oooooh, can you feel the tension rising?)

SAMCRO ends up seeking out their revenge on the Myan scapegoat. Opie and Jax finish the job after Tig starts it. Opie is doubtful that this is really the guy. After some convincing that it is the right guy, they finish the job. Opie takes it a step too far, and carves the "A" anarchy symbol on the dudes chest and stomach area.

After they leave, Jax cleans up Opie's carving by shooting it up so it is unidentifiable. (I'm guessing so as not to start a war with the Myans.)

Meanwhile Gemma and Tara are having a conversation about trust and loyalty and making things work between Tara and Jax. Gemma tells Tara that she has to know everything. Jax has to tell her. "No truth, No pussy." Tara says she isn't sure if she wants to know it all. Gemma tells her if she doesn't, then it'll never work. She says, "Love the man, You learn to love the club. You can do that, there's no truth you can't handle."

Later on that night, Tara tells Jax she wants to know everything and Jax comes clean and tells her about the shooting of the Myan. Jax say's he's going to bed and then Tara joins him. I guess that means this is a big turning point in the Tara and Jax relationship.

Clay and Gemma are gettin it on in a back room of the Clubhouse, when in comes the prospect Kip, A.K.A. Half Sack. He's putting away a mop bucket, and notices them doing the nasty. He freezes. Genmma says,"Join in, or get out Sparky!" Kip leaves, then turns around, pokes his head back in, and starts saying,"You didn't really mean that you wanted me to.... Clay says, "GET OUT!" (Waaay Funny!)

Happening from the beginning to the end of the episode is the goings on with "The League of American Nationalists" moving into Charming. We start out with a diner scene of Ethan Zobel (owner of fine cigar shops), A.J. Weston (Nazi skinhead) and Jake Hale(Real-estate investor and Charming's Deputy David Hale's brother) having a conversation about moving their White supremacist drug trade into Charming, under the guise of a new Charming Cigar shop. Charming Deputy David Hale comes into the scene, and ins introduced to the League of American Nationalists members. He is being asked to give them their support, and is told that SAMCRO has been dealing guns to gangs like the Myans and it needs to stop. They say that they are nothing more than an influential business group. Hale says,"And how many Black and Latino businessmen are in your influential group? I know who you are. White Hate." He walks out on them, and chews his brother a new asshole. Basically tells him that trading one bad for another isn't going to work.

Later on in the episode during Bobby's coming home party the skinheads show up to offer a box of fine cigars and "give some advise" to Clay, Tig, and the rest of SAMCRO.

They threaten that they better stop trading guns with Blacks and Latinos. Tig pulls a gun on them, and They say "What, You gonna shoot with all these witnesses?" Clay replies, "Nobody threatens SAMCRO, and Nobody tells us what to do. Why don't you just climb back into your little German clown car and drive back to Nazi town. 'Cause the next time you piss all over my shoes, It will kill you, and I don't give a shit how many witnesses there are.

The show concludes with Gemma driving down the road. At a stop she notices a minivan behind her, a gal gets out, runs up to Gemma, and says, "Please help, my baby is chocking on something!" Gemma goes to help, finds out the baby is only a doll, and then gets knocked out from being hit from behind by the mystery woman. Shortly after that, we flip to another scene where Gemma is tied up in a warehouse somewhere and gets raped by about 4 skinheads wearing white masks.

A threat is made to Gemma that she better tell Clay to stop selling guns to ni**ers and spi*s, or they will find her and do this again.

Gemma sees the Tat on the Skinhead making the threat's neck.

This will be sure to be the beginning of something BIG!

That's all I got this episode folks! Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

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