Friday, September 4, 2009

New demonstration video: how to mount iPod or iPhone on a motorcycle

Just uploaded: the second of two demonstration videos showing how to mount iPod classic/Nano/Touch and Apple iPhone on a motorcycle. This demo features the all-chrome, made-in-the-USA eCaddy Deluxe with cradle and UltraTilt for maximum angle-ability. (The original video shows how to mount iPod/iPhone/MP3 on a motorcycle with the eCaddy Lite, which includes water-proofing options.)

These two videos together give you THREE different mounting options for your iPod – one of which is sure to work for YOU! Check out the videos and our easy mounting steps on the “How to Mount iPod/iPhone/MP3 on a Motorcycle” Guide Page here.

You can also see this video (and all our videos) at our YouTube channel.

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