Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Demo Video! Roadrunner Motorcycle Drink Holder

I think we'll be done making videos for a while now! :-) Here's a new one featuring the Roadrunner motorcycle drink holder.

The Roadrunner motorcycle drink holder is now available with EITHER a stainless-steel, leak-proof, NO-spill travel mug ...

OR the "Ultra-Snap" insert with special elastic gripping band for cans, water bottles, coffee cups, etc.!

This video features both, as well as the many different ways you can mount: on a handlebar (forward and backward), an engine guard bar, or on the Harley or Gold Wing controls.

Click here to view the 2.5-minute demo: "How to Install the Roadrunner Motorcycle Drink Holder" (Windows Media file) or click here to go to our Details page.

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