Sunday, May 24, 2009


Once a year vacuum cleaner, Auto Custom Rexindo (RAC) appears again in the belantika motorcycle modifications. Home modifications from Yogyakarta this shows through his Honda Tiger's property Arfan Brebes (Central Java), which changed into a model streetfighter style Yamaha R6.

Here goalee RAC Rizal wanted to show perfection and detail finishing. However, the characteristic of the RAC has been known many people, the custom goods, according to Rizal Mechanical Engineering graduate who is still maintained.

During this, modify each RAC, it was frequent use galvanis plate. Honda Tiger on this area, said Rizal, is still obvious, as in the tank, swing arm (swing arm), sepatbor, and fairing.

The swing arm to the iron plate as the main material and diperkokoh the packing plate galvanis. For the home front and far back from the fiberglass. However, the specific background, a special material, ie fiber-red liquid.

"With this liquid material will easily fit the desired print. In addition, also safe for health compared with the normal fiber," clearly indicate that pemodifikasi on Jl Wahid Hashim No. 212, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Lights sein dicomot of Honda Supra X 125. Rizal deliberately using local products so that, if broken, replace it easily. Views gahar plus motor with the combined Yoshimura exhaust brake disc ganda in the future, strengthen the effect of pure streetfighter


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