Sunday, May 24, 2009


Inspired dog ugly bulldog who tampangnya but seemed grumpy, Agus Djanuar from home modifications XK Bike Design Purwokerto, Central Java, modify Honda GL Pro 1997 so a certain kind of face bulldog. "Building full of character with the bulldog in front of and behind the minimalist," said Agus. It may be, his work as a new virus in 2009.
GL Pro renovation done by kru XK Bike Design, Wawang Cool, that is the problem ngelotok alter body with a fiberglass material. Terrible, his work is combined with a bulldog streetfighter West Central Java Style (WJS). Here ditonjolkan form and outline as the spiny texture contours. The main firm Wawang, contours and tends to nudge taper shroud and a full body cover to the front direction.

The thick WJS small tank is still form a strong stick in the GL Pro. Interestingly, fuel storage design is unique, ie there cula as the rhinoceros. More specific, such as hand grip on the horse rodeo. In the tank is not simply a variation, its function as a filter funnel.

Do not interrupt while driving. Thus, with a straight handlebar model that is only 80 cm long, easier handling it. Material using the Korean Steel Tube Work.

Other interesting creations, try the taillights lyrics. With a short tail that used to be sweet, light Honda's CS-1 is appropriate and fitting. Not simply sweetener, but still have a functional and aesthetic. Unfortunately, this bulldog GL Pro changed the nature of a self-absorbed, with no passengers can bring


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