Friday, December 5, 2008


Vespa 98 / 1946-1947
Vespa 98

Year of product :1946/1947 VIN :V98
number :01/18079
Production :18079 the unit

With the machine capacity 98 cc maximal the speed only 75 km/the hour, consumption of the fuel 3: 100 or 3 litre for 100 km, frugal would? Vespa 98 this in the production in 1946.

Vespa 125 - 1948

year :1948/1950 VIN :V1T - V15T
the number: 01/104096
the Production: 104096 units

Vespa 125 this was made be based on his predecessor V98, that was seen different was the machine capacity that was bigger that is 125 cc and shock front was on the right. The form body, stang and head lamp still was similar with V98. Saw the community's enthusiasm that was big in Vespa, V125 was produced through to 104096 units for the period 1948 till 1950.

Vespa 125 Hoffmann - 1950

Vespa Hoffmann was produced between knew 1950 - 1954 in Germany. This all was preceeded during in knew 1949, Piaggio agreed gave the licence to Hoffmann to produce and trade in. Vespa 125 Hoffmann not only in trade in in Germany, but also in England and France. D England in knew by the name of Vespa Douglass because perjualan him under the Douglass licence and in France under the PACMA licence.

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