Friday, November 7, 2008

They're Here!

Those pesky little white things falling from the sky.

As much as I love the beauty of a good snow fall, I always have mixed feelings in the beginning. The first few snow falls of the year bring with it the reminder of its beauty and a little bit of childish excitement. At the same time a bit of sadness comes because I know that this is the beginning to an end of a riding season for us frozen state dwellers.

Hell, just yesterday, someone asked me if I had my bike winterized. I replied, "I don't see any snow and ice yet do you?"

Well, they are here. Those pesky little white things.

Anyway, I'm stubborn, and I know that there is plenty good chance for a few more good rides, if the snow doesn't hang around here too long. This is after all the third time it has snowed here this year, and we've had many 70 degree days since the last two snowfalls. I'm hoping for a few more when this one get done.

I need long term proof that Mother Nature isn't letting up on her winter wrath before I call it quits for the season.

I've said it before. If people can ride snowmobiles in the winter even though it's cold, why can't I ride my motorcycle, as long as the roads permit.

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