Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 11 review

This one was almost all about Opie . Oops, wrong Opie.

Try this again. This one was amost all about Opie.

That's better.

Many of you have stated in the past that dreadful fear of what is to become of Opie. It appears as though these fears are becoming closer to reality (in the show at least) as they can be. We'll have to wait and see just how this one pans out.

ATF Agent June Stahl plays a mean role in this episode. After Otto gave her a little head banging lesson in the last episode, we had to see this plot of vengeance against the Son's as a whole coming. She's chosen Opie as her pawn in an evil little game of set up. Too bad she's put Opie's life on the line. She's even turning on local Deputy Chief of the Charming Police Department, David Hale. All I know is She ain't playing fair. Although, all is fair in love and war.

I have to wonder if planting bugs in Opie's truck and in his cell phone was to actually listen in, or to further help the set up of Opie. If the later, why did she say she needed to go protect him when he was given his freedom?

Another turning point in this episode was the new interaction of Jax, Wendy, Abel, Gemma, and Tara. WTF is Gemma up to with Wendy? Is it just her little way of getting vengeance on Tara for breaking Jax's heart years ago? Can it be that simple? Will we know before the season is up? What is to become of Tara if Wendy is back in the picture? I'm guessing since Wendy has to spend some time at the halfway house, we wont know yet this season.

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