Friday, October 10, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 6 review

Review Back by popular demand.

Some comments I received, both on the site, and in e-mails requested that I not stop the episode review.

It appears some folks like to leave, and read the comments.


As I watched episode six, I was quite intrigued by a few things. I have questions. Do you have answers?

1.) Do you think the Feds. would not look at the Sh*t truck?

2.) Joker brought this up before, but it really stood out to me in this episode. Just exactly WTF is up with the bright white tennis shoes?

3.) Why does Clay's wife put up with him banging other chicks, as long as she does not see them?

4.) Did anyone actually stick around to witness the gun runner expolsion to make sure they were actually dead?

5.) Last but not least. I've noticed that they wear flannel shirts under their biker vests a lot.
Is this normal. I guess if so, I can see why those of you who do wear the biker vest do. You can make just about anything look "biker" in one of those.

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