Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Dyno. or not to Dyno.. That is the question.

Let me preface this post by stating, I am not a mechanic, and I am not a Dyno. expert by any means, but here is what I can tell you.

A dynamometer is the technical term for Dyno.
A dynamometer is a machine which is typically used by a mechanic to measure rotational speed or (rpms) and the torque of a motor.

Having this type of measuring and testing system in place while tuning your motorcycles motor is typically referred to as Dyno. tuning.
Dyno. tuning can be done to most motors, not just motorcycles.

However, having a Dyno. tuning done by a qualified Pro. Isn’t cheap.
So, if you have a new bike, it is probably not necessary, but if yours is not running right it’s a good idea. If you’ve changed anything, such as the exhaust, re-jetted, new carbs, new chips, pulled out baffles, put in high performance air cleaner, etc., then this, in my opinion should be a must. Manually tuning your motor will likely only get it close, which could result in improper air to fuel mixture ratios, etc. If you neglect taking the time and money up front to have your bike properly tuned It could cost you bigger bucks for repairs down the road. I had mine done after I had my new motor built, and it runs better than when I got the bike. Unless it’s like 40 degrees Farenheight, I never have to use the choke, and I gained significant horsepower. I’m talking horsepower that I didn’t gain from the bigger motor.

Anyway. Keeping it simple. Dyno tuning is the best way to measure and tune your motorcycle's output to gain optimum performance. It can give you a smoother running motor, gain you horsepower, and save you fuel. Even if you have a bike that is running o.k., it's not a bad idea to Dyno. tune if you want to tweak it out to top performance, and gain horsepower, and fuel economy.

So the question is really, to Dyno, or not to ride.

Also, I welcome anything additional that anyone who knows more about Dyno. Tuning wants to add. Please feel free to comment.

By the way,
I’m not getting anything for this plug, but I figured it only fair to mention them, as they did an awesome job on my motorcycle, and they also verified for me that the information I just posted about was accurate. So if you’re anywhere near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and looking for a reputable Pro. to do your Dyno. tuning, Call B&A Harley Performance, A.K.A. B&A Cylinder Head at (763) 427-7535, or stop by at 1520 99th LN, Blaine, MN 55449. They work on more than just Harleys.

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