Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bears, Books, How To's, Pics of the Week, and Leo

This is one of those days when my mind is just too full of the events of the day and what I've been doing that I have to compose this post in a somewhat disorganized way. Bear with me...

It was another Polar Bear Sunday, this time to a new destination, The Wearhouse Grill in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Because of her knee and the rainy, foggy weather, Jane couldn't ride her trike the 160 mile roundtrip. So we took the car. Others did too. Maybe half the riders showed up. I took pictures. The best part of the run was seeing Mack and Karen. Mack is a regular Polar Bear member. He's also a member of my previous forum. Mack met Karen on the same forum. She's from Canada. Today, they both came on the Polar Bear run. Here's their picture taken with Mack's BMW. They're the second couple I know of who met on my forum and formed a serious relationship.

I've also been putting in a lot of time preparing content for my Motorcycle Views Web site. That's NOT this blog. It's the site I launched on my birthday, January 11, 2007. I just finished a book section containing 49 books that I recommend. I also wrote book reviews for many of these books. I have every single book linked to so that each can be purchased online. I found out that I have some valuable books. My Art of the Motorcycle book is out of print and people are offering their own copies for sale at prices up to about $2000. Wow!

I completed a set of 24 motorcycle How To's for the site. Newbies want to know things like "How to Start a Motorcycle" or "How to Shift Gears on a Motorcycle."

I also started my Pic of the Week for a man and a woman rider. That was an extremely popular feature on my old site. Here's Ginger and Ken.

At the Polar Bear run today, I spoke to Leo, a 90-year-old rider, about to turn 91 in the next week or so. Leo usually leads his group of riders but chose to drive them all today since one was having back problems. Leo is one of the oldest riders in the country. He's been riding longer than I've been alive, having started back in 1932 I believe. He's an inspiration to me. He was the oldest rider at the Americade rally in 2006. On the back of each of his two Honda PC-800s is inscribed: "Recycled Teenager."

Maybe I'll be more organized tomorrow. Then again ...

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