Saturday, July 29, 2006

Riding the Rockies

These are a few photos that I took when a friend, Darcy and I did a five day tour thru the Rocky Mountains and then continued on to redo a ride we had done twenty years ago.
The ride was from Creston B.C. north to Kaslo with two free ferry rides across the lakes, over to Nakusp and then coming out at Vernon B.C. This has to be one of the most scenic and twisty roads that any biker can take through British Columbia. It is loaded with twisty roads and scenic lakes and not the hordes of tourist traffic one would expect to find in B.C.
One of the many switchbacks n the road between Kaslo and Nakusp
The green waters of the Big Horn dam west of Rocky Mountain House in Alberta
No matter how many time I have crossed the rocky mountains of Alberta and B.C., the scenery is always spectacular to a flatlander like myself
This is Saskatchewan River Crossing on the Bow Valley Parkway, highlighted by great roads and light traffic it is also the place where gasoline costs the most.

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